Youth Dev.-Dribbling - Dribble Knockaway

Dribble Knockaway is one the staples of youth basketball for athletes aged 6-10 years of age.

In this version from Basketball Manitoba, the athletes begin in a confined area, each with a basketball.  On the signal from the coach, all players will begin dribbling their basketball. The objective of the game is for players to knock their teammates' basketballs out of the area, while maintaining their dribble. The size of the area is determined by the number of players; as an example, for a team of 12 players the area inside the 3 pt. line would be sufficient. If a player's ball is knocked out of the area that player will leave their basketball, get in the area and continue to try and knock out player's basketballs. The winner is the last player left dribbling a basketball. 

While Dribble Knockaway is a fun game for kids to play and will help to develop basic dribbling control unless the coaches remind players to keep their eyes up it does not serve as a beneficial drill. Notice in the clip how the players all dribble with right hand it is suggested that coaches encourage their players to use both hands and possibly even play a game where players must dribble with their left hand if not protecting their ball. 

One valuable concept taught in Dribble Knockaway is for the dribbler to keep his/her body between the defender and the ball. In the clip you can see how the dribblers protect the ball as defenders attempt to knock the ball away.