Youth Dev.-Dribbling-'Bird on a Wire'

Here is a good, fun pursuit game for kids 7-10 years of age; it will help improve players dribbling ability and their agility.  

All the players line up on one end of the floor with a basketball, except one player who begins on any line that runs from sideline to sideline, ex. the half-court line - this player is the 'bird on a wire'. When the coach says "go!" the players on the baseline will try to dribble to the other end of the court without being tagged by the 'bird'. The 'bird' however must stay on the 'wire' (the line) to tag players. If a dribbler is tagged he/she puts their ball away, becomes another 'bird', lines up on the 'wire' and tries to tag the other dribblers. The game is over when the last dribbler is caught. Re-start and play again with a different player beginning as the 'bird'.

Coaches should encourage the dribblers to keep their eyes up, to change direction, to use both hands and, most importantly, read the 'bird'.  If the 'bird' is at the other end of the wire -'go'; and if the bird is going after someone near you - go'!  The game begins to use very basic strategy.