Youth Dev.-Agility Cone Game

Agility can be defined as the ability to stop, start and change direction. Here is a fun drill to work on young player's agility.

Place a large number of cones around the ½ court of your gym. Then place a number of tennis balls on top of the cones, the number of tennis balls depends on the number of players. I use about 15 tennis balls for 12 players.

On the command "go!" the players will run and pick up a tennis ball off one of the cones and place it on another cone that does not have a tennis ball. The players move around the floor as quickly as they can, picking up tennis balls off cones and replacing on an empty cone. Each time they do this they call out loudly, the number they have done. The winner is the first athlete to get to 8 or 10 or 12, whatever number the coach decides.

As shown in the video clip, the game can also be played with the players dribbling a basketball.

The game also serves as a great warm-up drill - the kids will be breathing quite hard after playing this game. Thanks to Basketball Manitoba for allowing the use of the video clip.