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Short shot clock

Short shot clock

SLOB-Short Shot Clock-Michigan

Here is a short shot clock, sideline out of bounds play Michigan used in their recent NCAA Elite 8 game vs. Florida.  

SLOB-Misdirection 3

This is a sideline out of bounds play with misdirection action and may get a 3 pt. shot or a high-low action.


This is a quick hitting sideline out of bounds play that finishes with a middle ball screen.

SLOB-Brush Flare

Here is a sideline out of bounds play that has an opportunity for a 3 pt. shot as well as a post up. 

SLOB-Curl and Pop Line

If your team is down three points with very little time left on the clock here is a sideline out of bounds play you can run. The Minnesota Timberwolves ran it to win a game vs. the LA Clippers earlier in the NBA season.

SLOB-Duke 3

Down three points, in the recent North Carolina vs. Duke thriller, Duke used this sideline out of bounds play to attempt to tie the game.