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1/4 Court vs. Man

1/4 Court vs. Man

SLOB-Spurs Down to Ball Screen

Here is sideline out of bounds play the San Antonio Spurs have run during the 2013 NBA Playoffs.

SLOBs-Hook & Hook Special

Hook:  Here is a sideline out of bounds play that isolates a big-small down screen on one side of the floor. This action has numerous possibilities for players that read well and have multiple skills.


This sideline out of bounds play allows teams to use one of the most effective actions in basketball - a single big to little down screen.


Golden State Warriors used this sideline out of bounds 3 point play to tie a game with Sacramento earlier this NBA season.

SLOB-Lith DownScreen to BallScreen

The Lithuanian National Team ran this sideline out of bounds play against Greece in the Eurobasket Olympic Qualifier this past summer.

Laker 1 SLOB

Like in the NBA, sideline out of bounds plays are critical in the FIBA game.  Here are two clips of a sideline out of bounds play the Los Angeles Lakers have used recently.