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Set plays vs. Zone

Set plays vs. Zone

BLOB vs. Zone - Double Pin

In this clip the Canadian Women's Olympic Team executes a double pin screen vs. Japan's 2-3 zone in a baseline out of bounds play.

BLOB vs. Zone - Magic Lob

Here is a baseline out of bounds play vs. zones with one screen.  

BLOB vs. Zone - LIU

When O1 receives the ball from the official, O2 (the best perimeter shooter) and O3 cut out to the corners. Next, O4 begins walking across the free throw line as O5 dives to the ball side block. Once O4 reaches the left elbow, he/she cuts hard down to the left block. Looking to
The weak-side forward defender is confronted with the decision to play against O4's dive or O2  standing in the

Here is a short shot clock baseline out of bounds play vs. zones.  

BLOB vs. Zone - "Inside X"

The "X" action of this baseline out of bounds play is commonly used against zone defences. 

BLOB vs. Zone-Line to Lob

Florida State ran this lob play against Princeton's 2-3 zone in an baseline out of bounds situation. 

St. Francis BLOB vs. Zone

This BLOB vs. zone is run out of the same 'Triangle' alignment as the St. Francis SLOBs and BLOBs vs. Man sets.