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Set plays vs. Man

Set plays vs. Man

BLOB-Japan Series

The Japanese Women's National team ran a baseline out of bounds series out of the same alignment. 

BLOB-Zipper to Roll and Rise

Lithuania is one of the great basketball playing countries in the world. In the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Lithuania was well represented by a very strong men's team.

BLOB vs. Man-Spanish Triple

This is a baseline out of bounds play the Spanish Women's National Team ran in the summer of 2011.

BLOB vs. Man-Line to Flare

This baseline out of bounds play vs. man to man defence includes the opportunity for a lay-up and a 3 pt. shot. 

BLOB-St. Francis Series

This is an series of baseline out of bounds plays that can be run from the same alignment.  Running different plays from the same alignment helps disguise what the team is running.

BLOB vs. Man-Diagonal Up

'Diagonal Up' is a baseline out of bounds play that is good for Gr. 8 and Jr. teams because it is both simple, and designed to get lay-ups, rather than jump shots.  The play also helps build on the fundamental skills of reading a screen and learning the screening concept of 1st and 2nd cutters.