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Set Plays

Set Plays

4 In

This is a simple play that works best against 2-3 zones that have the guard take the first pass to the wing.



This is quite a simple play UCLA runs against a 2-3 zone. 



This is a set play against zone defences.  O1, O2 and O3 will start very high so there is little difficulty in reversing the ball.



This is a very simple, quick hitter against zone defenses. O2, O3, and O5 stack on one side of the lane and O4 is at the opposite elbow. 



Here is a simple SLOB, beginning with a give and go opportunity. 

Nova Lob

Particularly when the shot clock is low or there is a size advantage teams need a baseline out of bounds play where the key remains open for a lob pass.  This "blob" play by Villanova is a great example of such a play.