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Set Plays

French Double Back

The French Womens' Team ran this set in the final of the 2010 U17 World Championships. The play includes a double back screen and screen the screener action.

Butler Weave

In the 2011 Final 4 Butler ran a weave action to a back screen for a lay-up early in the game vs. VCU. 

SLOB-Brush to Ball Screen

A brush screen is when an offensive player runs tight by a teammate making it difficult for a defender to get into a passing lane.

MSU Pt. Thru to America's Play

This is a set play Michigan State ran year in their run to the 2010 Final Four. 

Double Ball Screen

Simplicity is often the sign of genius.  Watch this incredibly simple zone set the Greek Women executed against our Canadian Women's National at the 2010 FIBA World Championships.

Box X

This is a lob play vs. zone that University of Kansas used in the 2009-10 season against Baylor. Out of a high box set the Kansas big men screened down to prevent the forwards from Baylor from getting to a lob pass.