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Set Plays

3 Pt. Play-Double Ball Screen-Flare Screen

Here is a double ball screen-flare screen 3 Pt. play the University of Connecticut Women ran against Baylor in their recent #1 vs. #2 game.


Set Play-Curl to Screen the Screener

In a recent game against Northwestern, Seton Hall ran this play out of a 5 Out alignment and got an open 3 pt. shot. 

Set Play-Shuffle Cut to Single Down

Last week we included one of the more popular plays in the world - the Shuffle Cut to Stagger. Here is a version of the same set play run from a slightly different alignment, with slightly different movement but including the shuffle cut and down screen action.

Set Play-Shuffle Cut to Stagger

In 2010 Butler ran one of the more popular set plays in the world, the Shuffle Cut to Stagger. Following the theme of running different plays from the same initial action Butler also had a ball screen set and a sideline out of bounds play from the same alignment and beginning movement.

Set Play-German DHO to America's Play

This is a set play the German National Team ran during the 2011 Eurobasket against Greece. Typical of much European play there is a dribble hand-off (DHO), a lot of player movement, and the ball changes side of the floor.

Set Play - Turkey Flare

Most European teams have a lot of player movement in their offence, move the ball from side to side and little traditional post up on the block type of play. In this set the Turkish Women's National Team, the silver medalist at this year's Eurobasket, demonstrate a great example of a typical European set.