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Set Plays

XScreen to Lob vs. 2-3 Zone

This lob play vs. a 2-3 zone makes use of back screens against two post defenders.  

Princeton-Entries into the Point Phase

A staple of the Princeton Offence is the Point Phase. Run out of a 1-guard front the Point Phase begins with the post receiving the ball at the elbow.

Flat Ball Screen vs. 2-3 Zone

If you have a good penetrating point guard here is a simple quick hitter vs. a 2-3 zone or an offensive concept that can be regularly employed.

Zone O-High Post Pop to Wing

When attacking 2-3 zones a goal for the offence should be to create a "wing up" situation where a forward in the zone must move up high and cover an offensive player at the wing.

Set Play-GB Flare

The Great Britain Women's National Team ran this set during last summer's Eurobasket Women's Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

Horns-Vs. "2 Under" Ball Screen Defence

Here is a tactic to use when the defence uses a "2 Under" ball screen defence.