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Set Plays

German Side Pick & Roll

As players gain experience their ability to run more elaborate plays with a great deal of movement and several scoring options increases.  This is an example of such a play.  The German National Team ran this; it has a tremendous amount of movement, and eventually leads to a side ball screen and a lift off the baseline. 

Zone Offence-"No 3 in a Row"

When attacking a zone defence it is important the offensive players, who are one pass away from the ball, never align in a "3 in a Row" situation, as shown in the diagram below.

Zone Set-Stack to Cross Screen

One of the most effective actions against a 1-2-2 zone is a cross screen against the weak-side low defender. Northwestern used this strategy with this simple quick hitter against Iowa's 1-2-2 zone defense.

Set Play-Spanish High Post Split

Here is a set play Spanish Women's National Team ran and, typical of many European teams, they use a great deal of movement. 

Set Play-Handoff to Lob to Duck-In

Here is a set play Creighton used to get the ball into their All-American, Doug McDermott's hands.


Zone Offence-Pass to High Post, Slide to Corners

A 2-3 zone can be most effectively attacked by getting the ball into the high post. When the ball is in the high post the ball is one short, quick pass away from either corner, either wing and the basket area, this puts tremendous pressure on the zone. Watch the clip of the recent Syracuse vs. Wisconsin Sweet Sixteen game