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Set Plays

Zone Set-Double for 3

This quick hitter is to get a 3 pt. shot vs. a 2-3 zone. O4 and O5 set a high double ball screen for O1 to dribble over; it is important the screen is high enough that X1 will go under the screen.

Zone Set-Curl Pin vs. 3-2

This is a quick hitter against a 3-2 or 1-2-2 zone defence. It can be very effective if one of the post players is a good shooter from 8-10 feet.

Great Britain Continuity Offence

The Great Britain Women's Olympic team ran a very simple, but effective offence this summer.

Zone Offence Continuity-4 Game

Here is a continuity zone offence where each position will execute the same movements and is therefore both effective and relatively easy to learn. 

Set Play-Canada Shuffle

Here is a set play the Canadian Women's Olympic Team ran this summer. The play is designed to have a post up opportunity for a perimeter player followed by screen the screener action for the same player.

Zipper to Ball Screen

The US Women's Pan American Games Team and the Cuban Women's National Team virtually ran this same play with one subtle difference.