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Set Plays

BLOB vs. Zone-Jayhawk

Here is a BLOB vs. a 2-3 zone that can be used when the shot clock is low.

Zone Set-"Punch"

"Punch" is a zone set that would be effective most zone defences and match-ups.

After Free Throw-Hawkeye

Here is an After Free Throw play University of Iowa ran to get a 3 pt. shot in a recent game against Indiana. 

After Free Throw-Memphis Backdoor

This is a AFT play (after free throw) play the Memphis Grizzlies ran last year.

Zone Set-Elbow

Here is a zone set that is effective against 2-3 and 1-2-2 zones. Included in this article are three clips of the Canadian Women's Olympic Team running "Elbow" during their Olympic Qualifying Tournament and at the Olympic Games.

Zone Set - Slide

Ball screens can be very effective against zone defences because there will usually not be a defender hedging on the screen.