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Set Plays

Set Plays


This set play, from the Cuban Women's National Team, uses a pick and roll and roll and rise action. 

Up and Down Action

Many teams find staggered screens difficult to defend because of the number of defenders involved in the play.  Here is example of an "up and down" action by a post player to create a staggered screen.  The video clip attached is from the Canadian Women's National Team's 4 Out-1 In Motion Offence.

Double Stack

This is a set play from Bob Huggins, presently the Head Coach at University of West Virginia.

Screen for Screener to Ball Screen

The video clip attached is from the Women's Gold Medal Game between the United States and Cuba in the 2007 Pan American Games.  The US ran this play in an effort to get penetration from their point guard.

Kansas Backdoor

Every team should have a backdoor play in their playbook that they can execute against teams that play denial defence at the wings or against a defender who continually attempts to steal wing entries.  When are the best times to use backdoor plays?


Handoff to Stagger

O2 and O3 will cross underneath and O4 pops out at a 45 degree angle to receive the entry pass from O1.  O1 immediately goes for a handoff from O4.