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Set Plays

Back Screen to Slip

Switching defences can pose problems because the offensive players do not commonly face teams that switch.  Regardless if the defensive switches as an overall defensive strategy or only in emergency situations offensive players must learn strategies to exploit the switch.

Wright St. Double Pin

This zone set from Wright State University has a lot of movement and can create an open 3 pt. shot. It can be effective against any type of zone.

Staggered Zipper

Here is an early offence from the Wright State Men's team that has a number of scoring opportunities throughout the set. 


The father of the Flex Offence, Carrol Williams, from Santa Clara University designed this outstanding continuity offence in the 1960's and it is still used around the world in a variety of forms. 

Greece-Movement Off Baseline Penetration

Watch the video clip of the Greek Men's Olympic Team. 

Chile-Iverson to Double Back

The Chilean Women's National Team ran this set effectively at the FIBA Tournament of the Americas Olympic Qualifier.