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Set Plays

Belarus Curl

This is an unusual set run by the Olympic Women's team from Belarus. If run well and effectively it creates a post up opportunity for a post player and a screen the screener action for the point guard.

Sutton 1

This set is off Kevin Sutton's DVD, Screening Zone Attack and Shooting Drills.  

Wing Ball Screen

Whether it is against a 2-3 or 1-2-2 zone this set can be effective because of the ball screen and pin screen that are used.



This set can flow from a 4 out alignment in transition. O1 passes to O2 at the wing and runs off a high post screen from O5. O2 must look to see if O1 is open for a lay-up coming off O5's screen. O4 fills into the guard position vacated by O1.


This set play has several scoring options. It includes a staggered back screen for a post player followed by a screen the screener action.


Here is an effective backdoor play against a team that attempts to deny wing entry passes.