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Zone Offence-Post Up the Middle

When a high ball screen happens against a 2-3 zone it often creates a 1 on 1 situation in the post.

Zone Offence-Point Positioning

In the diagram below O1 is spaced poorly at the point vs. the 2-3 zone defence. As in any offensive play spacing is important; not just in distance from each other, but in alignment vs. the defenders.

Zone Offence-Using the Dribble Against the Zone

The dribble has tremendous value when attacking a zone defence when used properly. However it also can become a detriment to the offensive team when players do not make the proper reads and use the dribble indiscriminantly.

Zone O-Create "Wing Up" with Shallow Cut

When attacking most zone defenses, particularly a 2-3 zone, one of the objectives should be to create a "wing up" situation, where a defensive forward in the zone must guard the ball at the wing (video clip included).


Zone Set-Exchange to Double Pin

Exchange to Double Pin is a zone set that is designed to create an open shot at the wing area for the best perimeter shooter. 

Zone Principles-Pin & Skip

A fundamental of zone defences is to have one or two defenders on the weak-side of the floor, usually one high and one low. Whether it is a 1-2-2, 2-3, or 1-3-1 zone defence when the ball is on one wing the weak-side will have a defender (or two) that can be easily screened.