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Zone Offence

Zone Offence

Zone Set-Stack to Cross Screen

One of the most effective actions against a 1-2-2 zone is a cross screen against the weak-side low defender. Northwestern used this strategy with this simple quick hitter against Iowa's 1-2-2 zone defense.

Zone Offence-Using the Dribble Against the Zone

The dribble has tremendous value when attacking a zone defence when used properly. However it also can become a detriment to the offensive team when players do not make the proper reads and use the dribble indiscriminantly.

Zone Offence-Pass to High Post, Slide to Corners

A 2-3 zone can be most effectively attacked by getting the ball into the high post. When the ball is in the high post the ball is one short, quick pass away from either corner, either wing and the basket area, this puts tremendous pressure on the zone. Watch the clip of the recent Syracuse vs. Wisconsin Sweet Sixteen game

XScreen to Lob vs. 2-3 Zone

This lob play vs. a 2-3 zone makes use of back screens against two post defenders.  

Flat Ball Screen vs. 2-3 Zone

If you have a good penetrating point guard here is a simple quick hitter vs. a 2-3 zone or an offensive concept that can be regularly employed.

Zone O-High Post Pop to Wing

When attacking 2-3 zones a goal for the offence should be to create a "wing up" situation where a forward in the zone must move up high and cover an offensive player at the wing.