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Zone Offence

Zone Offence

Zone Set - Slide

Ball screens can be very effective against zone defences because there will usually not be a defender hedging on the screen.

Zone Set-Double for 3

This quick hitter is to get a 3 pt. shot vs. a 2-3 zone. O4 and O5 set a high double ball screen for O1 to dribble over; it is important the screen is high enough that X1 will go under the screen.

Zone Set-Curl Pin vs. 3-2

This is a quick hitter against a 3-2 or 1-2-2 zone defence. It can be very effective if one of the post players is a good shooter from 8-10 feet.

Zone Offence-Point Positioning

In the diagram below O1 is spaced poorly at the point vs. the 2-3 zone defence. As in any offensive play spacing is important; not just in distance from each other, but in alignment vs. the defenders.

Zone Offence Continuity-4 Game

Here is a continuity zone offence where each position will execute the same movements and is therefore both effective and relatively easy to learn. 

Zone Offence-"No 3 in a Row"

When attacking a zone defence it is important the offensive players, who are one pass away from the ball, never align in a "3 in a Row" situation, as shown in the diagram below.