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Zone Offence

Zone Offence

BLOB vs. Zone-Double Stack

The objective of this baseline out of bounds play vs. zone is to get an inside shot by pinning the middle defender.  

Zone Set-Cross

Here is set play vs. 1-2-2 zones that Northwestern used against Iowa. As most zone sets do, this quick hitting play screens a weak-side defender to prevent the player from getting to their area of coverage.  

Zone Offence-Post Up the Middle

When a high ball screen happens against a 2-3 zone it often creates a 1 on 1 situation in the post.

BLOB vs. Zone-Jayhawk

Here is a BLOB vs. a 2-3 zone that can be used when the shot clock is low.

Zone Set-"Punch"

"Punch" is a zone set that would be effective most zone defences and match-ups.

Zone Set-Elbow

Here is a zone set that is effective against 2-3 and 1-2-2 zones. Included in this article are three clips of the Canadian Women's Olympic Team running "Elbow" during their Olympic Qualifying Tournament and at the Olympic Games.