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Isolation Plays

Isolation Plays

Isolation Play-GB Post

Here is a quick hitting isolation play the Great Britain Women's Olympic Team ran last summer. 

Isolation Play-Indiana 14

This is a quick hitting isolation play Indiana U. ran last year for their outstanding freshmen, Cody Zeller.

Isolation Play-51 Duck Back

51 Duck Back is a quick hitting isolation play to get the ball inside to the 5. The best time to run this play is after a made free throw, back court inbounds or back-court call.

Defence-Switching America's Play

America's Play is cross screen-down screen action, where a post player is brought to the ball-side block, with a cross screen by a smaller player, and the small then comes off a down screen by a second post player.

MSU Zipper-Curl-Post Iso

Post isolations can be used to take advantage of mismatches or to attempt to draw a foul on a specific defender.  Here is another post isolation play; this one was used by Michigan State in the 2010 NCAA Tournament.

Low Post Brush-Post Isolation

While isolation plays are often identified with the NBA I believe it is always good to a have a perimeter and post isolation play in a team's arsenal. Here is a simple post isolation ran by Northern Iowa in the 2010 NCAA Tournament.