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Horns Sets

Horns Sets

Horns-Ball Screen/Flare Screen to Empty Side

There are a multitude of actions that can be done out of the Horns set.  In this clip, the offensive team, the University of Nebraska, emptied one of the corners and then executed a ball screen/flare screen action.

Horns-Pick & Roll

During the 2010 FIBA World Championships Serbia used the Horns alignment throughout the tournament. One of the fundamental plays with the Horns set is for the point guard to come off the ball screen and pass to the screener rolling down the lane. The video clip shows this fundamental action.

Horns - "Duke Squeeze"

There are three opportunities to score out of this Horns set:  a curl cut, 3 pt. shot and elbow ball screen action.

Horns-Screen and Roll

This is the classic Horns action.  With the two perimeter players deep in the corner, the point guard, O1, dribbles off the ball screen of O4. 

Horns-Hit the Pop



Horns-Flex-Point Through

"Horns" is a double-high set with posts high and the wings in the corners.  One of the most popular offences in basketball has always been "Flex".  The Flex-Point Through can be run out of the Horns set.