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Horns Sets

Horns Sets

Horns-Back Screen to Lob

The Phoenix Suns ran this quick hitting lob play out of the Horns set but with a few adjustments to the normal Horns alignment.


Typically in Horns sets the post player, whose screen is used by the point guard, rolls to the basket.  However, many teams will always dive the better inside player of the two screeners no matter which screen the point guard uses.

Horns-Ball Screen to Ball Screen

In this Horns set run by the Greek Women's National Team at the 2010 World Championships they used the ball screen/ball screen action to create a pick and pop situation.

Horns-Handoff, Flare to Ball Screen

Here is a great set play out of the Horns alignment.  In the attached video clip the set was run by the Lithuanian and Russian Men's Team at the 2010 FIBA World Championships.

Horns-Curl 45

Here is another in the numerous possibilities out of the Horns set.  This quick hitter has two scoring opportunities: 1) a "big" curling off an up screen from the point guard and 2) a dribble hand-off. 

Horns-Post Iso

This is an extremely simple isolation for a quick post player out the Horns alignment.  The New York Knicks ran this for David Lee when he played there.