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Horns Sets

Horns Sets


The Horns alignment is still one of the most popular in basketball. Here is a set the Silver Medalist, French Women's Olympic team, ran from this alignment at the London Games.

Horns-5 Dive

Horns, with two posts (screeners) high and a perimeter player in each corner is one of the popular alignments in basketball.


Horns-Brush is a quick hitter with a ball screen and lift action. The best shooter should be located where O2 is.

Horns-DHO to Cross Screen

Here is a set play the Toronto Raptors run out the "Horns" alignment. 

Horns-Staggered Ball Screen Empty Side

Here is another version of a Horns play with a staggered ball screen.  This play is especially effective against a team that hard hedges on the second ball screen.

Horns-Staggered Ball Screen

Typically the Horns set has the point guard in the middle of the floor, with the option of coming off either post to the outside. In this action, the point guard begins on the side of the floor and comes across the floor, using a staggered ball screen.