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Quick Hitters

Quick Hitters


Many teams run a quick "flex" action from an out of bounds situation. It is a quick hitting action that is very effective. 


This quick hitter Germany ran began with O3 coming off the two posts towards the opposite wing: another Iverson cut.

Russia-Clock Ender

Under FIBA rules games are divided into four quarters. Therefore many teams have a few set plays to choose from to run at the end of quarters. Here is an example of a simple play the Russian Olympic team ran.


This set was good for the Chinese Olympic team because it isolated Yao Ming in the middle of the lane with a passer in the middle of the floor surrounded by shooters.  With the passer out top, it can be very difficult to help to stop a high low pass to a big player because there is no help-side established.


Korea-Cross Screen to Double Down

This play is a very popular quick hitter. It can be run at most levels because there is little movement; and therefore timing and memory are not major issues for successful execution. In the video clip the Korean Women's team ran this play against Japan.

High Post Entry to DHO

Here is a fast paced dribble hand-off quick hitter from Northeastern University.