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Quick Hitters

Quick Hitters

Pop the Stack

This is a simple quick-hitting baseline out of bounds play. 


Here is a quick hitting 3 point shot play that requires great timing. The play has two opportunities for 3 pt. shots; one on the ball-side and one on the weak-side and incorporates the concept of screening the weak-side low defender.

Air Force Double

The attached clip features a good set play to get a 3 pt. shot by Air Force. The great thing about this set is that there are two opportunities for a 3 pt. shot. The play was called and executed after a made free throw. 


Triple is a quick hitter for the best perimeter shooter, in this case O2, and is run out of a box set. 


This is an effective out of bounds play run by Washington State University to get a perimeter shot. 


42 Handoff

Here is a quick hitter hand-off play that the San Antonio Spurs ran.