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Quick Hitters

Quick Hitters

Princeton Offence-Quick Hitters

At the 2010 FIBA U17 World Championships the Australian Men's team ran these two variations of the Princeton Offence "Chin phase".

Quick Hitter-Dallas Pin

Here is a quick hitter the Dallas Mavericks ran for a 3pt. shot. 

Quick Hitter-Butler Flare

In last year's run to the NCAA Final Four and Championship game Butler consistently demonstrated excellent execution.  Here is a simple example of a quick hitter that garnered the Bulldogs a 3 pt. shot for Gordon Hayward, a rookie this year with the Utah Jazz.

Heat 2

The Miami Heat were down 3 points with less than 6 seconds to go and used this SLOB to get a 3pt. shot for Mike Miller. 

Quick Hitting Lob Plays

Here are two quick hitting lob plays from recent NBA games.  It is important in lob plays to clear out potential weak-side defenders by running any weak-side low players through to the ball-side.

Double Back for Point Guard

The San Antonio Spurs run this early offensive quick hitter for point guard, Tony Parker.  As the ball is inbounded you can see Parker signalling a play by putting his hands on his waist.