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Quick Hitters

Quick Hitters

Quick Hitter-X to Backdoor

This quick hitting backdoor play was executed by Michigan State vs. North Carolina in the Carrier Classic played Nov. 11 on the USS Carl Vinson. Quite the venue!!

Isolation Play-51 Duck Back

51 Duck Back is a quick hitting isolation play to get the ball inside to the 5. The best time to run this play is after a made free throw, back court inbounds or back-court call.

Quick Hitter-Butler Weave to Backdoor

Butler ran this quick hitter vs. Virginia Commonwealth in the 2011 NCAA Semi-Finals. The play incorporated a dribble weave with a quick backdoor play and resulted in a lay-up for the Bulldogs.

Quick Hitter-Scrape to Cross Screen

Coaches often use the same alignment and the same initial action on several plays but then make a slight adjustment to create a different scoring opportunity. 

Quick Hitter-Scrape to Up Screen

Here is a quick hitter from the Lithuanian National team to get the big cutting down the lane off an up screen. 

Quick Hitter - Turkey Shuffle

This is a quick hitter the Turkish National Team ran in their first possession against Serbia in the semi-finals of the 2010 FIBA World Championships.