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Man to man Offence

Man to man Offence

Set Play-German DHO to America's Play

This is a set play the German National Team ran during the 2011 Eurobasket against Greece. Typical of much European play there is a dribble hand-off (DHO), a lot of player movement, and the ball changes side of the floor.

Set Play - Turkey Flare

Most European teams have a lot of player movement in their offence, move the ball from side to side and little traditional post up on the block type of play. In this set the Turkish Women's National Team, the silver medalist at this year's Eurobasket, demonstrate a great example of a typical European set.


Post Play-The Back Down Game

A back down is when a player catches the ball off the lane, turns his/her back to the defender, looks over the inside shoulder and begins to dribble towards the middle of the lane with a crab dribble, looking to make a play.

Quick Hitter-Scrape to Up Screen

Here is a quick hitter from the Lithuanian National team to get the big cutting down the lane off an up screen. 

Horns-Staggered Ball Screen Empty Side

Here is another version of a Horns play with a staggered ball screen.  This play is especially effective against a team that hard hedges on the second ball screen.

Horns-Staggered Ball Screen

Typically the Horns set has the point guard in the middle of the floor, with the option of coming off either post to the outside. In this action, the point guard begins on the side of the floor and comes across the floor, using a staggered ball screen.