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Man to man Offence

Man to man Offence

Princeton-Chin Cut to Duck In

The Princeton Offence is a 4 Out-1 In motion offence. One of criticisms of the Princeton Offence is the lack of post up opportunities because the post player is usually at the elbow. However, one strength of the offence

Zipper to Ball Screen

The US Women's Pan American Games Team and the Cuban Women's National Team virtually ran this same play with one subtle difference. 

German Side Pick & Roll

As players gain experience their ability to run more elaborate plays with a great deal of movement and several scoring options increases.  This is an example of such a play.  The German National Team ran this; it has a tremendous amount of movement, and eventually leads to a side ball screen and a lift off the baseline. 

Princeton Offence-Point Middle

The Point Phase of the Princeton Offence is recognized by a 1-guard front followed by an entry pass into the post player at the elbow, as shown in the diagram below.

Princeton-Point-Dribble At

In the Princeton Offence when a team moves from the Low Post Phase to the Point Phase, by passing the ball back out to the point, one of the options is to dribble at the wing if he/she is denied.

Set Play-Spanish High Post Split

Here is a set play Spanish Women's National Team ran and, typical of many European teams, they use a great deal of movement.