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Man to man Offence

Man to man Offence

Pass Back to Lob

Most lob plays are high risk plays. However, because they can be spectacular, they can give teams momentum when they are well executed. This play was run by the Argentina Jr. Men's National team. 


Bo Ryan, Head Coach at the University of Wisconsin is one of the finest coaches in NCAA basketball.  Here is a quick hitter Ryan's team ran vs. Duke which created a good scoring opportunity.

Double Back to Stagger

This is a popular set to get a bigger player a scoring opportunity down low and a good shooter a 3 pt. opportunity.

Flex-Quick Hitter

In the attached video clip both Duke and Gonzaga use "flex" as a quick hitter.

4 Man Flex

The "4 Man Flex" is another version of the "flex". It is a four-player continuity with one player being a stationary "corner man" and not involved in the flex action.

Boston College Flex

There are a few differences in how BC runs "flex" in comparison to most others. In each of the BC clips notice how tight they execute the offence.