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Man to man Offence

Man to man Offence

Latvia-Posts Out

This set was run by the Latvian Womens' National Team. It can be effective against pressure defences because it has a lot of player and ball movement, and the post players are used on the perimeter initially.  The set can be run to either side of the floor.


This play is good because the best shooter, O2, is setting a back screen for a post player. Typically, when a good shooter is a screener his/her defender, will not help as long. 


The University of Florida flowed into this early offence in their NCAA championship run in the 2007 season.

Triple Stagger

One of the more popular set plays for a team that has good perimeter shooters is a triple stagger play.


This is a simple set out of a 3 Out 2 In alignment.  It has basic movement that includes a shuffle cut and back screen action.


Fist, or variations of it, have been one of the most popular sets in Women's International play. This set play has a quick look inside and then a perimeter player coming off a big/little down screen.