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Man to man Offence

Man to man Offence


The father of the Flex Offence, Carrol Williams, from Santa Clara University designed this outstanding continuity offence in the 1960's and it is still used around the world in a variety of forms. 

Two Cutting Ideas for Motion Offence

The basket cut is the foundation of motion offence. Here are a couple of good ideas from two great Motion Offence coaches to improve your cutting.

The Duck-In

One of the most under used post play tactics is the duck-in move.  A duck-in is used to get a defender sealed on one side of the body so a pass can be delivered to the open side. 

Breakout Dribble

While a long outlet pass is still the fastest start to any fast break the breakout dribble may be the second fastest if executed well. 

Greece-Movement Off Baseline Penetration

Watch the video clip of the Greek Men's Olympic Team. 

Chile-Iverson to Double Back

The Chilean Women's National Team ran this set effectively at the FIBA Tournament of the Americas Olympic Qualifier.