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Man to man Offence

Man to man Offence

Dribble Up to Flare Screen

An action that can be difficult to defend in Motion Offence is a dribble up to flare screen. To execute this action the player at wing, with the ball, will dribble up to the swing or guard position and pass the ball across the top.


Korea High-Low

High-Low action can be very effective with a good low post presence and accurate shooters on the wings.  In the attached video clip Korea runs a simple high-low set vs. Chinese-Taipei. 

Back Screen to Slip

Switching defences can pose problems because the offensive players do not commonly face teams that switch.  Regardless if the defensive switches as an overall defensive strategy or only in emergency situations offensive players must learn strategies to exploit the switch.

Horns-Flex-Point Through

"Horns" is a double-high set with posts high and the wings in the corners.  One of the most popular offences in basketball has always been "Flex".  The Flex-Point Through can be run out of the Horns set.


High Post Entry to DHO

Here is a fast paced dribble hand-off quick hitter from Northeastern University.

Staggered Zipper

Here is an early offence from the Wright State Men's team that has a number of scoring opportunities throughout the set.