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Man to man Offence

Man to man Offence

Slovenia - Pin

A pin down action usually gives opportunities for a perimeter shot and a post up.  In this set run by the Slovenia National team the play begins with a high post rub. 

Handoff to Double Down

Staggered screens can be very effective, particularly if defenders do not tail the cutter.  In this SLOB, the Cuban defender attempts to go over top of the staggered screen and gives up an uncontested 3 pt. shot to the Spanish player. 

Serbia 1-4 Entry to Wing Isolation

This is a popular entry that creates a wing isolation. In the video clip the Serbian Men's National Team ran the following play. 

Korea-Cross Screen to Double Down

This play is a very popular quick hitter. It can be run at most levels because there is little movement; and therefore timing and memory are not major issues for successful execution. In the video clip the Korean Women's team ran this play against Japan.

Pass Back to Double Back-Stagger

This is another pass back play the Argentina Junior Men's team ran at the World Junior Championships this summer. 

Pass Back to Lob

Most lob plays are high risk plays. However, because they can be spectacular, they can give teams momentum when they are well executed. This play was run by the Argentina Jr. Men's National team.