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Man to man Offence

Man to man Offence

Zone Set-Cross

Here is set play vs. 1-2-2 zones that Northwestern used against Iowa. As most zone sets do, this quick hitting play screens a weak-side defender to prevent the player from getting to their area of coverage.  

Set Play-French Diagonal Zipper

The French Women's Olympic Team included this set play in their offensive package last summer.  

Quick Hitter-14 Wing Backdoor

Here is quick hitting backdoor play that includes a backdoor opportunity and a pick and pop option.

Quick Hitter-OKC Flare

This is a quick hitter the Oklahoma City Thunder run. The play has an opportunity for a perimeter player to get a shot or to attack a closeout after coming off the flare screen.

Isolation Play-GB Post

Here is a quick hitting isolation play the Great Britain Women's Olympic Team ran last summer. 

After Free Throw-Hawkeye

Here is an After Free Throw play University of Iowa ran to get a 3 pt. shot in a recent game against Indiana.