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Man to man Offence

Man to man Offence


Here is another set from the German Olympic Team. In transition, O1 enters the ball to O2, high at the wing, and cuts towards the weak side of the floor. O4 is trailing into the foul line area and sets a screen for O5 to curl over top of. O3 moves towards the weak side block.

Germany-Iverson Cut

One of the more popular wing entries is the "Iverson cut" where a perimeter player cuts from one side of the court to the other and receives a screen from a post player along the foul line.  The screen may be a single or double screen but it is designed to get an entry pass at the opposite wing. 


Russia-Clock Ender

Under FIBA rules games are divided into four quarters. Therefore many teams have a few set plays to choose from to run at the end of quarters. Here is an example of a simple play the Russian Olympic team ran.

Russian Wheel

Here is a very popular set that the Russian Olympic team ran in Beijing. This set is designed to get the best player the ball.

Greece Post Isolation

The Greek Olympic Team ran this isolation play for Sofoklis Schortsianitis, who happens to be about 6'10 and much bigger than Shaq; he is virtually impossible to stop when he receives the ball close to the basket. 


This set was good for the Chinese Olympic team because it isolated Yao Ming in the middle of the lane with a passer in the middle of the floor surrounded by shooters.  With the passer out top, it can be very difficult to help to stop a high low pass to a big player because there is no help-side established.