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Man to man Offence

Man to man Offence

Double Back for Point Guard

The San Antonio Spurs run this early offensive quick hitter for point guard, Tony Parker.  As the ball is inbounded you can see Parker signalling a play by putting his hands on his waist.  

Pop the Stack

This is a simple quick-hitting baseline out of bounds play. 


Here is a quick hitting 3 point shot play that requires great timing. The play has two opportunities for 3 pt. shots; one on the ball-side and one on the weak-side and incorporates the concept of screening the weak-side low defender.


Here is a simple SLOB, beginning with a give and go opportunity. 

Nova Lob

Particularly when the shot clock is low or there is a size advantage teams need a baseline out of bounds play where the key remains open for a lob pass.  This "blob" play by Villanova is a great example of such a play. 

Air Force Double

The attached clip features a good set play to get a 3 pt. shot by Air Force. The great thing about this set is that there are two opportunities for a 3 pt. shot. The play was called and executed after a made free throw.