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Man to man Offence

Man to man Offence

MSU Pt. Thru to America's Play

This is a set play Michigan State ran year in their run to the 2010 Final Four. 

Double Ball Screen

Simplicity is often the sign of genius.  Watch this incredibly simple zone set the Greek Women executed against our Canadian Women's National at the 2010 FIBA World Championships.

Quick Hitter-Butler Flare

In last year's run to the NCAA Final Four and Championship game Butler consistently demonstrated excellent execution.  Here is a simple example of a quick hitter that garnered the Bulldogs a 3 pt. shot for Gordon Hayward, a rookie this year with the Utah Jazz.

Horns - "Duke Squeeze"

There are three opportunities to score out of this Horns set:  a curl cut, 3 pt. shot and elbow ball screen action.

Heat 2

The Miami Heat were down 3 points with less than 6 seconds to go and used this SLOB to get a 3pt. shot for Mike Miller. 

Quick Hitting Lob Plays

Here are two quick hitting lob plays from recent NBA games.  It is important in lob plays to clear out potential weak-side defenders by running any weak-side low players through to the ball-side.