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Man to man Offence

Man to man Offence

Set Play - French Double Stagger

The French Women's National Team ran this double stagger set out of a 1-4 alignment. 

Set Play-Lithuanian Double Single

The Lithuanian Women's National Team ran this set play during the recent EuroBasket.

Horns-Back Screen to Lob

The Phoenix Suns ran this quick hitting lob play out of the Horns set but with a few adjustments to the normal Horns alignment.

Great Britain DHO

Here is a great set with lots of movement from the British Women's Olympic Team.  The play incorporates several dribble hand-offs (DHO) and a down screen to free a perimeter player for a 17' jump shot.

Defence-Switching America's Play

America's Play is cross screen-down screen action, where a post player is brought to the ball-side block, with a cross screen by a smaller player, and the small then comes off a down screen by a second post player.

N. Iowa Diagonal Up

In the 2010 NCAA Championships Northern Iowa advanced to the Sweet Sixteen. This is one the sets they ran.