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Principles of play

Principles of play

Filling the Open Spot

One of the advantages of motion offence is its unpredictability. This is because the offence is based on reading the defence and there is no assigned pattern for the offence to follow. Defenders never know when an offensive player will cut to the basket or put the ball on the floor to drive.

Penetration Drills

The following drills are designed to create game-like situations and encourage the players to drive to score, create penetration with two feet in the lane, and move off penetration. 

Motion Concept - Spacing

No concept is more important in offensive play than spacing. Just to list a few points, proper spacing prevents one defender from guarding two offensive players, it gives perimeter players room to drive, post players will have time and space to operate in, and proper spacing allows for easier entry passes.

Movement Away from the Ball - Cutting and Posting Strategy

Cutting and Posting Strategy:

Many teams employ passing and cutting in their offensive system of play. However, many players/teams fail to recognize the opportunities to cut and post. 

Baseline Drive and Follow to Closeout

This drill combines movement off penetration, defensive closeouts and 1 on 1 play. O1 begins at the top and passes to O2 on the wing. 

Greece-Movement Off Baseline Penetration

Watch the video clip of the Greek Men's Olympic Team.