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Principles of play

Principles of play

Screening Concept-1st Cutter/2nd Cutter

Almost all offences and set plays have screening as an integral part of the action. Therefore, if players are going to be effective offensively they must learn how to both set and read screens.

Penetration-Move to the 45

Whenever there is dribble penetration, players off the ball must move to create passing lanes, in case the driver is not able to get a shot off. On a baseline drive, the lowest player on the weak-side wing should "drift" to the baseline. 

Penetration to 3 Pt. Shot

Most teams work hard on their transition game in an effort to get lay-ups. 

Circle Under

Low post players often get confused when a penetrator comes through the middle 1/3 of the floor and is driving right at them. 

Penetrate and Kick Drill

Youth players (oh, heck all players) have a tendency to stand and watch when a teammate drives.

Baseline Drive-Baseline Drift

Dribble penetration is possibly the most difficult thing to defend in basketball. However, what makes it most effective is the movement of the four players away from the ball.