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Principles of play

Principles of play

Principle of Play- Space Deep

Spacing is possibly the most important offensive principle of play. One aspect of spacing that is often overlooked is how deep the perimeter players should be spaced.

Principle of Play-Laker Cut

When the ball gets entered into a post player on the low block, the other offensive players should move for two main reasons:

Penetration-Baseline Drive/Post 45

Many teams will have ball-side post players step up the lane on baseline penetration and have a perimeter player follow behind the penetration along the 3pt. line as shown in the first diagram.

Middle Drive-Baseline Cut

Read & React creator, Rick Torbett, says that players attack the basket off the dribble more than anything else and for this reason it is the first "layer" in his Read & React Offence. Are you teaching the other four players where to go when penetration occurs? You should be.

Penetration Principles-Dive from 45

On baseline penetration players at the 45 degree angle on the weak-side should often dive to the basket, particularly if they are not good shooters. Watch this clip of the Toronto Raptors;

Combo Drills-Penetrate the Box

One of challenges in basketball is to teach players to penetrate into the lane. The ability to penetrate requires an assertive and aggressive attitude, which is often lacking, particularly in young players.