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Offensive Stratagies

Offensive Stratagies

Getting Open in the Full-Court

Full-court pressure defence often has the defenders attempting to deny the inbounds pass and create turnovers by bad passes, 5 second violations, and quick traps. The ability of players to get open against a denial defender

Youth Dev-Inbounding 3 on 3 Game

At Grade 6-8 levels inbounding the basketball, from both the sideline and baseline, will occur frequently and can be challenging. 

Footwork-Space Pivot

As defensive play becomes more aggressive and physical, players must possess the skill to pivot aggressively and create space, by forcing the defender to back away.  An effective tactic to do this is called a space pivot.

2 on 1 Penetrate and Finish

One goal of offensive play is to create 2 on 1 situations.  The ability to score in these situations is predicated on the ball-handler attacking the basket and forcing the lone defender to stop the initial drive. 

Finishing-Spin Move

It is extremely common for players to stop drives when a defender steps in front of them.  However, because a defender stops the initial thrust by the driver, does not mean the player cannot get to the basket.

BLOB vs. Man-Screen the Screener

This is one of the most popular baseline out of bounds plays. The "screen the screener" action involved in this play is a part of a good many "blobs" because it works.