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Offensive Stratagies

Offensive Stratagies

Guards 'Rebound Down'

Rebounding often determines the outcome in basketball games. In many cases, a team may not shoot well from the perimeter but is able to secure a number of offensive rebounds resulting in easy put backs, leading to victory.

Principle of Play-Dribble At to Back-cut

One of the more common mistakes by players is to stand when a teammate dribbles directly at them. It almost seems players become paralyzed and do not know what to do. The solution is simple - back-cut to the basket.

Quick Hitter-Bulls

This is a quick hitter the Canadian Women's National Team ran for a 3 pt. shot against both zone and man to man and is an extremely effective play if you have a good passing point guard.

The Step-Up Ball Screen

Wing ball screens where the screener comes up from the baseline and are set on the baseline side of the defender are called Step-Up screens.

Classic Wing P&R

One of the reasons pick & roll action can be difficult to defend is because, when executed well, it puts defenders in a scramble situation, because momentarily one player is open, and the defenders must decide who to defend. 

Pick & Roll Off-'Roll & Replace'

The University of Florida is primarily a pick and roll offensive team. In this clip they executed "roll and replace" action for an easy inside score.