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Offensive Stratagies

Offensive Stratagies


The 2008 German Olympic Team rans this early offensive action. In transition, O1 enters the ball to O2, high at the wing, and cuts towards the weak side of the floor. 

Horns-Diagonal Zipper

This high 1-4 alignment is commonly called "Horns."  Usually when the point guard dribbles off the high ball screen the wing player is creating space by flattening to the baseline.  In this play

Ball Screening the Zone

Here is a simple strategy the US Men's Olympic team used against 2-3 zone defences, that any team could use.

Lithuania High Ball Screen

At the 2008 Beijing Olympics the Lithuanian Olympic team dismantled China in the quarter finals with the high ball screen. 

4 Man Flex

The "4 Man Flex" is another version of the "flex". It is a four-player continuity with one player being a stationary "corner man" and not involved in the flex action.