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Decision Making - 3 vs. 1

This is a drill that Canadian Women's National Team Coach, Allison McNeill strongly advocates for youth coaches. 

Stay in Front Drill

As has been discussed many times in this section of the Coaches Clipboard, it is important for Steve Nash Youth League coaches to spend time in every practice improving the athleticism and movement skills of the children under their supervision. 

Partner Fundamentals & Partner Fundamentals w/Defender

These are a pair of excellent drills from Mike Morgan. "Partner Fundamentals" help players work on passing, pivoting, catching, cutting and timing.

Full-Court Crossfire

"Full-court Crossfire" is a great warm-up drill that incorporates running, dribbling, passing, and lay-ups with some traffic so the players must keep their eyes up.

24 Seconds Drill

This is a great combination drill from Bruce Weber of the University of Illinois.  He advocates its use at the end of practice because it very competitive and difficult.

3 Player Weave with a Runner

A good basketball practice should always incorporate "running, passing and catching full-court drills".