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1 on 1 play

1 on 1 play

1 on 1 to Half and Back

This is a combination drill where the players can repeat some defensive skills and get 1 on 1 work off the dribble.

1 on 1 Full-court

For teams to be successful players must have the ability to drive by their defender.  This driving ability begins with the skill of going by somebody in the open court.  To build kids ability to drive by a defender in the open court "1 on 1 Full-court" should be a staple drill of every youth practice. 

Latvian 1 on 1 Drill

It is important to help players develop an "attack mentality."  Unfortunately many youth players have a tendency to turn their backs as soon as they meet resistance or take the "path of least resistance" and try to circle around the defender.

Dribble the Court Drill

The following dribbling drill reinforces several key components to successful ball-handling: eyes up, dribbler's body between defender and ball, and keeping the ball wide when dribbling.

1 on 1 Get Contact

Young players need to be taught early in their basketball career that the success in sport usually goes to the most aggressive and assertive players.

4 on 4 on 4 Full-Court Go Drill

Divide your team into three teams of four players each, 'O', 'Red' and 'X'.  The 'O' team will bring the ball down court vs. two defenders from the 'Red' team, R1 and R2, who begin already back on defence.  R3 and R4 will join the play as soon as the ball crosses the mid-court line.