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1 on 1 play

1 on 1 play

Pass thru Pressure to 1 on 1

This is a great drill with lots of benefits including passing through pressure, getting open vs. denial defence and 1 on 1 play.

Reverse or Inside Pivot

Effective 1 on 1 play, whether it is on the perimeter or in the post, begins with great footwork. The reverse pivot is used, in most cases, to create space.

1 on 1 Spinouts

The drill begins with the two players standing side by side underneath the basket. 

Crossover Move

One of the most effective, and simplest, 1 on 1 moves is the crossover.  In the attached video clip, watch how Butler's, Gordon Hayward, executes the crossover against Syracuse in last year's NCAA tournament. 

Shot Fake at the End of a Drive

Many players effectively use shot fakes on the catch to force the defender to rise up out of their stance or to influence a defender to close out poorly and then attack them. 

1 on 1 Full Court

1 on 1 Full Court is the foundation of many programs because it emphasizes individual defensive responsibility and offensive aggressiveness - it truly is one of the great drills for teams!